Reality checks

Reality checks are a powerful method used in the practice of lucid dreaming. These techniques involve questioning the nature of reality at random times throughout the day, in order to increase awareness and consciousness, thereby stimulating the occurrence of lucid dreams.

The principle behind reality checks is straightforward. If you can question your reality during waking hours, you can condition your brain to pose the same question while dreaming, leading to increased chances of lucidity.

By creating a mental habit of reality checks, you’re priming your brain to become aware of when you’re dreaming.

How to get started with Reality checks

Beginning with reality checks as a technique for inducing lucid dreams may seem intimidating to many, but it’s actually an accessible process that merely requires consistency and patience.

This technique not only aids in achieving lucid dreams but also improves overall mindfulness and self-awareness during your waking hours. It’s a safe, non-invasive approach that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.

1. Pick your reality checkChoose a method of checking reality that is easy to remember doing consistently.
2. Perform it frequentlyKeep doing your reality check throughout everyday life. Frequency and predictability is key.
3. Question realityWhen performing your reality check, clearly ask yourself if you are dreaming, and look for signs.
4. Record your resultsKeep a dream journal. This helps optimize your reality checking, and remember your dreams.
A summary of the steps to make use of reality checking.

These 4 steps will guide you on how to make reality checks a habitual process, serving as a bridge between your waking reality and the realm of lucid dreams.

Let’s get into the details of each step, and start by picking reality checks.

Step 1: Choose Your Reality Checks

Choosing the right reality checks is key to this technique. Common checks include trying to push your hand through a solid object, looking at a clock or piece of text, looking away, and then looking back to see if the time or text has changed. You can also look into a mirror to see if your reflection is normal or look at your hands to see if they look normal.

Counting fingers to do a lucid dream reality check

The idea is to choose something that behaves differently in dreams than in reality.

Want help picking a reality check? Check out our list of 25 reality checks for lucid dreaming.

Step 2: Perform Reality Checks Frequently

The goal is to get into the habit of performing reality checks often during your waking hours. You can set reminders on your phone or post sticky notes around your living space. Try to perform a reality check every time you see a specific trigger, say, every time you walk through a door.

The more frequently you do these checks, the more likely they are to seep into your dreams.

Step 3: Question Your Reality

When you perform a reality check, don’t just go through the motions; genuinely question your reality. Ask yourself if you’re dreaming and evaluate your surroundings. Engage all your senses and be thorough when checking.

This questioning mindset is fundamental because it is this state of increased awareness that you want to replicate in your dreams.

Step 4: Record Your Results

Keeping a dream journal can be beneficial to track your progress with reality checks. Not only can it help you recognize patterns or signs that you’re dreaming, but it can also provide insights into which reality checks are working best for you. Document the results of your dream checks and any lucid dreams you have as a result of them.

Over time, you’ll likely notice an improvement in your ability to recognize when you’re dreaming.

  1. Dream Journaling – Keeping a record of your dreams enhances your ability to recognize dream signs, making it easier to become lucid.
  2. Wake Back to Bed (WBTB) – This method involves intentionally waking up during your sleep cycle and then returning to sleep, increasing the likelihood of entering a lucid dream.
  3. Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD) – This technique involves the mental exercise of visualizing oneself in a dream and becoming lucid.

Getting started with Reality Checks tonight

Starting with reality checks tonight is as easy as setting a clear intention. Choose one or two reality checks that seem the most natural to you and set reminders for yourself to perform them frequently. When you’re headed to bed, visualize yourself performing these checks in your dream and turning lucid.

Consistency is vital, so make sure you keep up with it, even if you don’t see results immediately.

Remember, the journey to lucidity is a marathon, not a sprint. Stay patient, stay curious, and embrace the journey.